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Blackjack Odds - Your Chance of Winning at 21

Las Vegas style online blackjack is one of the few virtual casino games that consistently rewards smart play. But that is only when you know your blackjack odds, and play accordingly. While Internet casinos may differ from one to the next in specifics, they all use the same basic black jack rules to dictate game play, they are all based on a 52 card deck premise (though there are usually multiple decks in play at once), and this means that figuring your odds is rather simple. Also, since the opponent you are playing against, the dealer or the house, has no option but to play a hand in a certain manner, you are given still more control. If the dealer must act in a certain way every time, this means you can simply look at the blackjack odds which apply to that particular hand, and make the most intelligent play. The information in this article can be applied uniformly whether you are playing digital online blackjack or live dealer online blackjack.

But it pays to know everything you can about the particular web casino where you are playing. For instance, you can occasionally find websites which will boast one or two deck shoes. Obviously, if you are playing in a situation where you only have to take into account 52 or 104 cards, as opposed to the 260 cards in a five deck shoe, this can drastically improve your blackjack odds, and therefore your chances at winning any given hand when you play intelligently. However, the websites which offer this seemingly attractive feature are still in the business to make money. That means that they offset these very generous BJ odds by including certain stipulations. For instance, a website with a two deck shoe may not advertise the fact that it pays just 6 to 5 when you hit a blackjack, as opposed to the traditional 3 to 2. This may not seem like much of a change, but it effectively offsets what at first glance seems like an excellent advantage for the player.

By decreasing how much that website pays a player for a blackjack or 21, that particular web casino actually gives the house an increase for a winning expectation of 1.39%. So just remember when you believe that a particular Internet casino is delivering better blackjack odds than another site, make sure you know every stipulation that is involved. Also, you can improve your blackjack odds by giving yourself every available advantage. This means claiming the larger welcome bonus or better package of player incentives whenever possible. If two Internet casinos are basically the same, you should probably consider frequenting the one which offers a bigger deposit match. Since black jack can deliver the best casino odds of any virtual Vegas-like contest when playing with a smart blackjack strategy, grabbing the most bonus money possible before you play your first hand just makes sense.

Another way to instantly play like a pro is to not assume anything. The casual player simply believes that all Internet casinos are created equal. This is obviously not the case, just as it is true with physical casinos as well. You only know what particular set of blackjack odds a site delivers if you carefully check out the blackjack game description, payout, odds and other site particulars. Most legitimate Internet casinos these days have live chat, e-mail and telephone customer support teams. Before you deposit your hard-earned money and begin to play 21 at any particular site, it makes sense to check with customer support, and ask any questions you have regarding the specific blackjack odds offered by that company. This is something few players do, and you can instantly improve your winning percentage simply by employing this simple blackjack tip.

Also, look for any sites that improve your blackjack odds by adopting a "Soft 17" dealer policy. When a dealer has an Ace showing and a total of 17 and he is forced to stand rather than hit in that situation, this improves your odds of winning that hand by approximately 0.22%. The typical casino gamer will look at that percentage boost and consider it insignificant. But the wise casino gambler knows that a smart blackjack strategy means getting every possible edge anywhere you can. This also can apply to those sites which allow you to split Aces, adding an additional 0.19% to your winning blackjack odds. The key to playing 21 intelligently is to take every advantage possible, and never give away an edge. This includes never splitting a pair of 10s, never taking insurance and always doubling down with a total of 10 or 11 when the dealer's up card has a value of 9 or less. Improving your blackjack odds is all about intelligent thinking and an overall mindset, and when you couple that attitude with a smart blackjack strategy overall, you increase your realistic expectation of winning in both the short and long terms. If you'd like more detailed information about playing bj, check out our guide on How To Play Blackjack Online.

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