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Top Myths About Blackjack Card Counting

Today, there are a lot of myths surrounding the game of blackjack. All of these myths have been passed along from generation to generation, hindering average players from learning how to become winners when playing blackjack online. The truth is that most players are misinformed about card counting, believing that card counting is illegal or that the order of the cards in the hand is sacred.

Card counting is an area that has always intrigued blackjack players and other casino games players due to its classic David (which represents the card counter) vs Goliath (the casino). The truth is that high rollers are well aware that they do not depend solely on luck in order to win the big pot. They know how to capitalize on various card counting strategies in order to turn the blackjack playing odds in their favor. Card counting strategies can provide you with an extra confidence boost, while helping you stay on top of any difficult situation that might happen in the game.

Read on to learn more interesting facts about modern myths about blackjack card counting and learn how to easily get two steps ahead of the dealer.

Myth #1: Card Counting is Illegal

Nothing could be further from the truth. Those casinos that propagate this myth are afraid that they might lose to card counters, so they prefer to spread a lie instead of going bankrupt. The truth is this: there is no law in any country or US state that prohibits a blackjack player to count his cards. What is illegal is using a concealed modern device, such as a PDA or pocket computer, to help you in card counting. However, you should keep in mind that if you are spotted counting cards at any land based casino, they are within their rights to ask you to leave, and that's what any of them will do should you be noticed practicing card counting.

Myth 2 - Only Mathematical Geniuses Can Become Professional Card Counters

If you've seen the movie "21" you have probably realized that the perfect card counter is presented as a genius with an IQ over 150. However, the truth is that if you are of reasonable intelligence and your memory doesn't fail you, then learning card counting can be quite simple. Card counting is not as practical when playing online blackjack games though.

Myth 3 - A Card Counter Wins no Matter What

People who believe that are highly mistaken. Even if in movies Rain Man and those top students won all the time, remember that movies are not real and they do not represent the reality. The naked truth is that if you are an experienced and clever card counter, you have a small edge over the casino (around 0.5%-1%). This certainly doesn't mean you will win all the time.

Myth 4 - A Card Counter Needs a Huge Bankroll

Not really. You can also play at a minimum bet size. However, you do need to have enough cash to withstand any short-term losing streak.

Myth 5 - It Takes Several Weeks to Learn Card Counting

Again this is not true. Even if with traditional card counting systems this was partially true, in the modern age we live in we can work with simpler card-counting systems, such as Speed Count. You can learn card counting in less than a few days, after you have learned the basic playing strategies and have your own game style. However to be fair, in order to perfect the card counting process, it will definitely take more than a few days to master.

Whether you believe in card counting systems or not, you will likely enjoy learning more about playing live dealer blackjack. This game is a combination of online access and live professional dealer interaction. The best of both worlds.

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