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As technologies advance and legislation changes, the many different ways you can play 21 via a smartphone or computer grow accordingly. And if you have ever experienced a Skype video call or enjoyed a video chat on your laptop, smartphone or tablet PC, then you are familiar with the wonderful technology which delivers Vegas live dealer blackjack as one of the newest and most exciting recent trends in the entire online gambling industry. While Nevada only legally allows Las Vegas and other Silver State residents to enjoy Internet poker sponsored by the state, there are legitimately licensed offshore dealers offering live dealer blackjack options to Las Vegas, Nevada and other US residents.

Black jack is one of the easiest casino games to learn and play, and also presents the best opportunity for beating the house of any Las Vegas style casino contest, when played properly. Most online casinos offer multiple blackjack games on their menu. Las Vegas live dealer blackjack takes the convenience and privacy of Internet casino gambling, and adds the in-person live entertainment ingredient which has made Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other physical gambling destinations physical meccas for casino gamblers. The same web streaming technology used for Skype video calls and video chats transports an attractive and professional blackjack dealer directly to your PC display in real-time.

And when accessed from legally licensed and registered offshore Vegas live dealer blackjack online casinos, the experience is safe, secure and delivered in real-time instantly. Not many Internet casinos offer this option, because as you can imagine, it is cost intensive. Once an online casino hires a software company to deliver a virtual casino experience, the only costs associated with running the operation are ongoing maintenance and advertising. But offering Vegas live dealer blackjack online means setting up a physical closed casino studio, hiring and training physical BJ dealers, buying casino equipment and purchasing and maintaining cutting-edge video and audio streaming hardware and software.

But the extra costs required for legally providing webcam blackjack are more than worth it for the few legitimate Internet casinos which offer this exciting new technology. That is because the difference between traditional Vegas online blackjack and live dealer blackjack, for the player, is huge. By having every action of a professionally trained blackjack dealer using real cards on a real blackjack table streamed to your display in real-time, you enjoy the "live" Las Vegas experience. And for those online casino lovers who have some concerns about security and integrity, being able to view your blackjack dealer in real-time offers peace of mind. You can interact with your dealer via live chat, tip her when she delivers a huge win for you, and even choose from a selection of dealers and table stakes levels which are available 24/7. Despite the differences with online blackjack vs live dealer blackjack, basic blackjack strategy remains unchanged.

In this way, Vegas live dealer blackjack gives you all the benefits of the brick-and-mortar 21 gambling experience, with none of the negatives. You do not have to invest time and money in a physical trip, as the "real world" experience is delivered instantly to your display. Trustworthy offshore online casinos which have been legally licensed and certified staff and run a physical casino which is closed to the public, with the latest in webcam and audio streaming technology giving you the most in-person experience possible without requiring you to leave the comfort and privacy of your favorite PC. We only recommend the live dealer blackjack casinos listed on this page, as they are legally licensed offshore and provide support for US as well as international players. And the web streaming technologies they use provide a reliable and instant Las Vegas experience to your PC display, no matter where you are located in the world.

If by chance you are new to the game of blackjack, or its been a while since you've actively played, we have two suggestions for you. Read this article on How To Play Blackjack, and then play in practice mode for at least several hands to get the hang of the game.

Best Casinos To Play Las Vegas Live Dealer Blackjack In 2013

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There are two USA friendly options for participating in live dealer blackjack games, and lucky for us these two brands offer a secure, legally licensed and certified and overall high quality online gaming environment for players. This means your sensitive financial data is secure, and the performance will meet or exceed industry standards. BetOnline Live Casino is one of these two sites and offers new players a $25 risk free bet to try out their live dealer games. Along with blackjack, BetOnline also provides live dealer roulette and baccarat. Players will also find a reputable online poker room and sports betting portal as well. Visit BetOnline Live Dealer Casino

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